What makes pampero

so tasteful?

Pampero™ Rum results from the finest sugar cane molasses fermented, distilled, and aged in oak casks.

Everything starts by mashing the sugar cane to extract the juice. It is boiled and centrifuged to form molasses. Once in the distillery, we add water and yeast to the molasses to start fermentation. The alcohol from the triple distillation is then diluted with water from 96% to 60%.

This liquid goes into white oak casks and rests in the plant for the ageing time, different for each type of rum. During this process, oxidation occurs, and the alcohol and the wood of the casks exchange some components.

When time is due, we open the casks, blend the different rums by formula, filter the liquid, and reduce to 40% of alcohol. Only then do we bottle it under the strictest quality control procedures.

Country: US