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pampero blanco daiquiri

Our Daiquiri cocktail recipe strikes a perfect balance of sweet and sour with the added kick of Pampero™ Blanco. Try one for yourself.

Sophisticated, clean, zesty.

A perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, with the added kick of one of the world’s finest rums.


45ml Pampero™ Blanco

Lime wedge

25ml fresh lime juice

8 Raspberries

15ml sugar syrup



Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker


Double-strain into a chilled martini glass


Garnish with the raspberries and lime wedge


Martini glass, Shaker, Hawthorne strainer, Tea strainer.


A dash of Chartreause adds spicy and herbal notes that really lift the rum from the drink. If you do not have Raspberries to hand then any berry will do such as a Strawberry.


Said to be created by Jennings Cox, ‘our man in Cuba’ for an American iron company in the late nineteenth century. Having run out of gin whilst entertaining important guests, and concerned the local rum might not be to their taste, he (along with a Cuban colleague named Pagliuchi) added lime juice and sugar to create the now-iconic daiquiri.

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